Esther portrait

Esther Sternberg was born in Siberia, Russia and has lived in Lodz, Poland and Jaffo, Israel, before settling in New York. She currently maintains her full time art studio in Staten Island, NY.

Her diverse cultural background has had a positive influence on her unique, bold style as an artist. She is primarily recognized as a colorist and praised for her powerful and energetic expression reminiscent of the Impressionists. Her subjects range from portraits to landscape and still life in oil paintings and colored pencils.

The artist achieves a tactile impasto effect by loading her palette knife or large bristle brush with paint. As she explains, “I love the pureness of pigment, the richness of oil paint, and its soft texture when I mold it on the canvas. My brushstrokes are a play of intense movement, arranged in dancelike forms.”
In creating her portrait paintings she strives to convey the emotions and moods of her subjects. She attributes her use of photography as a way to see her subjects through the lens of a camera before she begins a painting.  Esther tries to invoke the state of calmness and healing in her paintings.  She wants to touch the deep core of the soul of each person that comes in contact with her work.

Sternberg’s art exhibitions include those at the New Century Artists Gallery in New York, NY; International Art in Residency with curator Basha Maryanska in the New Century Artists Gallery.  Countryside Gallery, Newtown, PA is among other galleries in the NY that she has exhibited.   In 2015 she became an exhibiting member of the prestigious National Association of Women Artists organization in New York,.  In 2016 Esther became a member of  illustrious art organization, the Manhattan Arts International, organization that promotes and rewards artistic excellence.  Esther’s work  “One Summer Day, I Remember… was juried and accepted to be shown in an exhibition :”N.A.W.A. A. Women Artists Coast to Coast-West 2016”.  It will showcase in the N.A.W.A. Gallery in September 2016.

When reviewing Esther Sternberg’s exhibition in Gallery and Studio Magazine, arts writer and artist Wilson Wong wrote, “As in all of Esther Sternberg’s paintings, she displays subjective vision of nature, rather than an Impressionistic transcription of its outer facet: the shadow side of the sunlight so to speak.”